Introduces Link Optics' products

  • Measured cells 10,000 cells / sec
  • Flow rate variability 10-6 ~ 10-3 1 / sec
  • Light source spectrum band and optical power
    5 types (405 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 635 nm, and 647 nm)
  • Measurement variable SSG chart, Dot Plot, Histogram Plot, Contour Plot
  • interface
    Window7 or higher specification LabVIEW based program driven
  • Hydrodynamic Flow Formation
  • Lateral cell size 20㎛
  • Measurement reliability 99%
  • Cell sorter measurement reliability 50%


  • Price competitiveness (using LED light source)
  • Optical signals transmitted through the optical fiber and reflected in the cell specificity
  • Easy to install and move
  • Performance Excellence
  • Cell analysis accuracy
  • Cell analysis accuracy
  • Shortening cell sorting time
  • Flat Top Function
  • Cell constant rate maintenance and alignment function

Application field

  • Characterization of individual cells and application to research on immune diseases
  • Analyze the amount of DNA in cells or nuclei
    (Diagnosis and treatment process of malignant tumor, confirmation of progress status)
  • Chromosome studies, reticulocyte counts, intracellular calcium measurements, microbiological tests
  • Can be applied as a substitute for urine detection centrifuge in public health center, urology department, internal medicine
    (Basic functions and low-cost models added)
  • Applicable for molecular biology, immunology, pathology, etc.