We are recruiting a family of Link Optics Corp. with strong responsibilities and passion.

Four Major Insurance

Employment, Industrial, Medical, National Pension

Dormitory support

Support for dormitory (location) support without any inconvenience to company commuting in other regions

Retiring pension

Retiring pension

Retiring room

To help you relax after work, various books, massage chairs, and Nintendo game consoles are located in the rest room to provide a space for employees to relax and employees.

Congratulations and condolence(s)

In order to share the joys and sorrows of the employees, we are giving them a small amount of money and a small amount of time off for a light survey.

Wise Temple Award

We select and reward excellent employees at the end of each year.

Support for in-house clubs


Lunch and dinner

Lunch and dinner

Book support

We regularly select books that our employees want, and we support books so that they can acquire a wide range of knowledge.

Working clothes payment

The company pays for work clothes.