Recruitment Information

We are recruiting a family of Link Optics Corp. with strong responsibilities and passion.

Occasional recruitment

In the event that we need to hire more employees, we are hiring new employees by posting them on our website.

Human Resource DB Registration

Even if it is not an official recruitment period, the application form for each position is managed at all times, and if a portion of the staff is to be filled, we employ it by referring to the data.

Method of support

- Email Support(

Submission document

- Hysteretic (required to attach photos) : A self-introduction document (experience-oriented writing) at the top of the wish-payment and department resume

- Additional submission documents (face-to-face) : resident registration, etc.

- Additional submission documents (at the most comprehensive time): Certificate of graduation, certificate of qualification and certificate of experience

Request for job placement (management support department)

- Email :

- Call : 062-971-5664