SI & NI (System & Network Integration)

Introduces Link Optics' products

SI & NI(System & Network Integration)

Services to build applications, systems, and information infrastructure for public institutions and enterprises

Access control

  • After registering employee information and RFID cards in the main program, use the reader at each gate through the main controller for the purpose of controlling access to offices, factories, or certain areas that require security. Protect the personnel belonging to and restrict access to non-authorised persons.


  • Install CCTVs in areas where effective methods and emergency situations are required.
  • Simple installation and high-definition video security services

Public sector

  • Information protection services, general administrative services, electronic meetings, postal logistics services

The financial sector

  • Asset Management System, Performance Management System

The educational/medical field

  • Building Library System, Security Service, System Infrastructure

Manufacturing/Service Sector

  • Security Service, Mobile Control System

Optical Device

  • Optical Patch Cord & Pigtail